The 3 Freedom’s We All Want

A couple of years ago a client made it brutally honest to me that what was most important to them and what they wanted to get from working with Pursuit, were 3 simple things: 

  • Make sure I pay as little tax as possible (legally of course), 
  • Help me make more money, 
  • Let me sleep at night and enjoy a great life with those I really care about. 

This wasn’t new to Mark or I but never had we heard it with such clarity.  

And from that moment, these have become the filters we use at Pursuit Advisers and is the reason behind our core purpose, which is – Building successful businesses that generate lifestyle choice and financial freedom.

So what are these 3 magical freedoms we all want? 

  • Time Freedom 
  • Financial Freedom 
  • Mind Freedom 

One of these freedoms are likely to hold greater value than the other two at particular times throughout our lives, but they are all important. It is our role as Advisers at Pursuit, to find out why you are in business, what your goals are (both personal and business) and the current roadblocks we need to help you work through to achieve your goals faster and enjoy each of these 3 freedoms. 

If you have not already had the opportunity to discuss your goals and put a plan in place to achieve them, over the coming months we will be running complimentary Annual Planning Meetings with you to do this. 

Time Freedom 

“Your business exists to serve you, not the other way around – you should never feel like a slave to your business” 

Time, for me, is the most precious resource we have – use it wisely and you will enjoy life and achieve great things, but waste it and suffer the consequences! 

Though, it wasn’t until a colleague at Pursuit quizzed me a while back when again I said I was “too busy” to do something and they said “are you sure you’re too busy or just don’t see this as a priority?” then I realised I had slipped back into more of the waste than the wise. Thanks for the reality check! 

From this point on I was determined to get my Time Freedom back – I had created this issue and it was my responsibility to fix it! 

“How can I expect others to respect my time, when I don’t respect it myself”. 

Have I fixed it? Not by a long shot, but boy have I made some serious inroads over the past couple of years. How you might ask? 

1. Acknowledging the issue. 

2. Understanding what the continued consequences would be for my wife, children, friends, team and myself if I didn’t take steps to fix the issue. 3. Identifying what major contributors were creating my lack of time. For me, it was:

  • Extremely Poor Planning,
  • Wasting time (e.g. Netflix & mindless surfing of the www), 
  • Not saying “NO” from time to time. 

4. Telling others I had a problem and would love their feedback, support & help to fix it. 

5. Work through the solutions, 

6. Put a plan in place and take the first steps towards fixing it. 

7. Regularly check-in (with self and others) on progress and update the plan. 

Time Freedom Tips

I’ve made dozens of changes to get control back of my time (which has also helped with improving my mind freedom), and here are the seven most powerful changes I have made: (or know others have made):  

  • Introduced proactive calendar management (PLANNING – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually), with clear boundaries  (more on this another time)
  • Structured time on Social Media and www, turned devices off & left out of the bedroom 
  • Committed to regular exercise and a healthy diet
  • Engaged a Business Coach and reconnected with mentors 
  • Instead of watching Netflix, I now watch YouTube educational content 
  • Set clear goals, including a plan on how to achieve these (& review often) 
  • Shaved my balding head and started having semi-cold showers! 

So, if you hear yourself (or others) saying “No” or “I’m too busy” – That’s a poor excuse! Think about how these decisions affect those we care about most. 

We all have the CHOICE to choose what we do with our time! Take the first steps now and if you still need help planning it out, you can team up with us to find a solution.