Pursuit EOY Rundown

Well – I think it is fair to say that this year was not the year I had planned for! 

2020 for me has easily been the busiest I have had in my 20+ years in the accounting profession, but equally – it has been the most rewarding, as my team and I have been in a position to support many of you to navigate this difficult time – be it grant support, business advice or just somebody to talk to.

As a business – we have faced some difficult challenges, in 2020 we lost a friend and valuable member of our business – and also experienced a massive impact to our “business as normal routine“ as a result of Covid-19.

From these experiences I have learned that yes – I can work from home and remain productive; I have also learned that we all have the power to choose how we react to the situations we face. And more recently, I have learned that I need to work a bit harder if I want to keep beating my kids at tennis!

I do want to say thank you to you our clients for supporting our business this year. Stay safe this holiday period, and if you are lucky enough to have time off from work enjoy your break.

2020 hey, one we will all remember for many years! For me, this year has been one of significant personal growth and to put it simply, has helped me become a better person.

A highlight on a personal front was the 2nd lockdown and having our family of 5 home together as one, working, learning, having fun and creating memories – one thing we did was every weekend we would pick a different country to learn about (I love YouTube!!) and then preparing our Saturday evening meals based on the country of choices cuisine.  We visited most of the world!

Professionally, I have never worked as hard for a sustained period of time, and the highlight of the year came out of the single toughest event I have dealt with in my career thus far – when we lost one of our esteemed team members back in June – we miss you JP.  Witnessing our team continue to bond over such a tragic time and to achieve what they did together, working remotely for a fair portion of it – I’m very grateful to be part of the team here at Pursuit.

I have also enjoyed the experience of working with you, our wonderful clients these past 12 months, learning new legislation “JOB…. whatever you say SCOMO” and seeing you achieve great things in a year like no other – and keen to recharge the batteries over the break and be back to make the most of the opportunities that come our way in 2021.

I turn 40 early next year and want to continue to learn and challenge myself to be the best version of myself and enjoy the small things in life we were all reminded about this year, achieving a balance between those things most important and contributing to our community where I can.

For those fortunate enough to get a break this festive season, relax, have fun and enjoy the opportunity to reflect and spend with those nearest and dearest and create some awesome memories.

Thank you all for your continued support and take care.

Well, 2020… I feel like that alone sums up the year. What a year it has been!

I came back from maternity leave in March and went straight into lockdown. Juggling working from home, the added workload of JobKeeper and the rest of the COVID measures brought as well as keeping up with my three young boys has definitely kept me on my toes.

But I want to focus on the highlights.

As much as working from home has been hard it has also given me the opportunity to really appreciate these young years with my kids that go so fast.

This year also saw me take on an ownership role in the business, which is a real highlight, not just of the year, but of my life.

But I think the best part of the year has been watching the resilience in our team and in our clients. We have all faced so much this year and to be able to get to the point we are at now is something to truly be proud of.

Let’s all take that resilience and make 2021 the year we will be talking about for years to come.

Happy Holidays to all!

While I am ready to finish up 2020 and the crazy roller coaster it has been, I am also incredibly proud of our team for the way we have managed to pull together through some difficult times and keep things moving as best as we can. I am lucky to have managed to tick off some milestones both professionally and personally, and I know I could not have done it without the wonderful people around me. 

So, thank you to all our team, our clients, and our wider Pursuit family for all the support we have received across the year and I am really looking forward to tackling 2021.  

Stay safe and enjoy the break. Looking forward to speaking to everyone soon.

Our Brand Promise

“We Practice What We Teach”

We encourage ongoing training for all our team, not only to improve your client experience, our quality of work and efficiency but also, more importantly to better each individual team member personally.

Pictured below is our last champion training on ” The 80/20 Rule & Parkinson’s Law”, (where Paul also became friends with a resident magpie).

These sessions are run regularly, on various topics and conducted by a different team member each time. We are BIG on personal development and continuously look at ways to improve ourselves and get the most out of life and encourage our clients to do the same.

A lot of what drives business owners to have success within their businesses has little or nothing to do with business goals but personal goals – i.e. being able to comfortably provide and support their families, go on regular holidays or purchase a boat or caravan etc.. whatever your goals are we’re here to help and get a real kick out of doing so!

Don’t forget to book in with the team in the new year and explore all the different services we offer, that can benefit you and your business and ultimately help you secure your dreams.

Money Back for Taking a Trip, Sounds Good to Me! 

Regional Victoria Travel Vouchers

Under the $28 million scheme, the Government will provide 120,000 travel vouchers, valued at $200 each, in a bid to kickstart tourism spending to help regional Victoria rebound after the coronavirus lockdown.

The first 40,000 vouchers were made available through the Business Victoria website on the 11th of December, with the second round being released 10am on the 20th of January 2021.

The travel vouchers can be used if people purchase two or more nights accommodation in regional Victoria (with Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley included in the scheme).

To find out more or to apply simply click here.

Merry Christmas From Our Family To Yours..

From all of us here at Pursuit Advisers we wish you a safe and joyous Christmas, filled with laughter, love and celebration!

Our firm relies on the loyalty and support of you, our wonderful clients and we sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence you have in our team.

We wish you all the very best for the new year and look forward to once again assisting you in 2021.