Jobkeeper Payments Scheme: The latest changes

As Treasury and the ATO work to iron out the kinks in the JobKeeper legislation we are being provided with changes almost daily. 

As an update, here are the latest changes announced: 

  • The eligible employee definition has been tightened to exclude full time students aged 17 years or younger who are not financially independent 
  • The ability to use either cash or accruals method for the turnover test, regardless of the method used in your activity statements 
  • The introduction of alternative turnover tests for the following situations: 
  • Businesses which commenced prior to 1 March 2020 but have not operated for a full 12 months 
  • Business acquisitions or disposals that changed the entity’s turnover 
  • Business restructures that changed the entity’s turnover 
  • Businesses which had a substantial increase in turnover immediately before the turnover test period 
  • Businesses affected by drought or natural disaster 
  • Businesses which have an irregular turnover pattern 
  • Sole traders or small partnerships which was affected by sickness, injury or leave 
  • An extension of the enrolment cut-off date for April JobKeeper payments to 31 May 2020  
  • An extension to the date payments must be made to employees for April to 8 May 2020 

If you have self-assessed that you were not eligible for the JobKeeper program, the above changes to the turnover test may now make you eligible. 

As the JobKeeper enrolment period is now underway, we have attached a timeline for this program to highlight key dates to be aware of. If you are completing this process yourself or have any questions in relation to this scheme at all – we are here to help! 

Feel free to get in touch so we can help you and your business through to the other side of these uncertain times. 

Please click the link to watch our latest Q&A, covering any HR questions you may have regarding the Jobkeeper payments.
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